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Details Strain

Pressestimmen"Flesh Field haben einen sehr eigenwilligen Sound, der gleichzeitig aggressiv und druckvoll, aber dennoch auch eingängig ist. Dazu kommt der männlich-weibliche Wechselgesang, der das ganze noch toppt. Flesh Field bleiben sich ihrem Stil ...

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Details Kidnapped-Souls-National-Indifference-and-the-Battle-for-Children-in-the-Bohemian-Lands-1900-1948

Kidnapped Souls Zahra shows how nationalists in the Bohemian Lands worked to forge political cultures in which children belonged more rightfully to the national collective than to their parents. Full description

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Details Wahrsagerin-Fisch

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish Place fish in the palm for the truth. Moving head - jealousy, Moving Tail - Indifference, Moving Head and Tail - In Love and many more mood fish interpretations. The classic mood fish. One fish supplied.

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Details Bullied-But-Not-Beaten

When thirteen-year-old Celeste began to shine as a competitive swimmer, she became the victim of brutal verbal abuse, theft and even a threat to her life. Coaches and school administrators displayed a shocking indifference and outright hostility when ...

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Details Emerging-India-in-Asia-Pacific

Following independence in 1947, India was found to be more inward-looking than showing concern for its eastern neighbors. Its indifference to the ASEAN process and inclination towards the Soviet Union only widened the gulf between India and the ASEAN ...

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Details Mindsets-of-Sensual-Loneliness-for-solo-contrabass

Mindsets of Sensual Loneliness is a twelve-minute long piece for the extremely virtuosic but moody double bass player. Its three movements go through a roller coaster of techniques, timbres, and emotions. The first movement, "Indifference," may be ...

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Details A-Shining-Space-A-Daughters-Life

A Shining Space: A Daughter's Life is the biography of Sarah Eugenie Fabian, who died suddenly at the age of five, after a fortunate and happy life. It is also the story of a mother's conversion from ignorance and indifference about babies to ...

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Details The-Responsive-Universe-Illumination-of-the-Nine-Mandalas

The Responsive Universe is a handbook to self-discovery. Within these pages are refreshing and insightful revelations, exercises, meditations, and daily-life practices designed to help the reader find happiness in a world of indifference, leading to ...

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Details Khrushchevs-Shoe-And-Other-Ways-To-Captivate-An-Audience-Of-One-To-One-Thousand

During an impassioned address to the U. N. General Assembly, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, irritated by the indifference of his audience, astounded his peers by taking off his shoe and pounding it vigorously on the podium. His indelible gesture ...